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„Who’s constantly comparing itself with other companies in the same industry is getting first of all more similar.”
Kasimir M. Magyar and Peter Prange, authors

We adopted many of our ideas and methods from other industrial sectors. As different organisations and deployed systems of ICT providers may be, as similar are the process phases, tasks and service components required to fulfil and operate ICT services. They all recur in many different day-to-day business use cases. With this approach we transform your today’s ICT environment into a modern manufacturing which has proven its value in the industrial production for decades.

Business Process Management

Over the last years we modelled a comprehensive library with process modules in BPMN. Beside our practical experience we thereby based on recognised standards like ITIL and eTOM. We developed a procedure which allows the design and implementation of business processes with the help of templates. In this way we develop processes efficiently and effectively with ready-made flows and activities. With this approach our customers are able to design, to measure and to control their today’s and future business processes - that is to continually improve them.

Product Catalogue and Product Structuring

We consider ICT services as products. Not only because the technical literature is increasingly identifying them as such but also because out of our own conviction. As manufacturing goods, ICT providers’ products are made up of components which can be standardised. On the basis of TeleManagement Forum’s shared information model (SID) we have built up a library with UML profiles (XSD) of the most common product components such as local access, transport, DNS, DHCP and VPN. That way we easily model products with standardised components. Thus, each product is made up of a tree structure of known components, which have to be assembled during fulfilment. With such product structures our customers do not only reduce the complexity of the provisioning and assurance of their products but also achieve cost transparency.

Business Requirements Engineering und Management

To determine requirements for systems, processes and organisation is a multi disciplinary undertaking which, besides technical comprehension, also needs abilities in communications, mediation and project management. We ensure that all stakeholders are involved. Together we define the overall goals, deduce the required functions and finally determine the functional requirements. We elaborate all results from the process perspective by identifying and following representative business use cases. In this way we document the contribution of a system, a process or an organisation to the value chain and provide our customers transparency between business and ICT.

Service Management and operational Agreements (SLA, OLA, UC)

Since the foundation of our company we are acting in the field of service management. We have our finger on the pulse of the time through the daily contact with our customers, the knowledge of industry standards (eTOM, ITIL, SID, CobiT, BPMN, UML) and our engagement in recognised industry forums. With our commitment in the TeleManagement Forum we can on the one hand verify our methods and proceedings with publications against a worldwide professional audience and on the other hand quickly collect substantial experiences and trends from the entire world through the joint elaboration of recommendations.

Project Management

The differentiation with new products as well as the pace of new available technology and procedures in the field of ICT require a high degree of ongoing changes. Enterprises have to face the manifold challenges of the market in an innovative and adaptive way to stay competitive. Since the foundation of Smartrek we manage projects in the ICT domain and built up a rich base of experience. We know the traps and pitfalls, which are the reasons why the majority of ICT projects overrun their time, cost more or are even stopped before completion. Our proven procedures and expertise ensure that project gaols are achieved. In addition, as co-owner we are highly interested and motivated that customer projects are implemented in time and successfully with the allocated and planned means.